Vast wooded hunting and fishing estate on a single site in the Outaouais area, two hours from the cities of New York and Boston

Mandate no. Q-23
May be built on.
3.306.000 CA$


With easy access, this estate is: 

  • 45 minutes from the Canadian capital, Ottawa
  • 30 minutes from the town of Gatineau, Ottawa’s younger French sister which links to the capital to the north.


The 490-hectare estate is exceptional in many regards.

  • A favorable position close to some of North America’s greater metropolitan areas while being immersed in an ocean of forests.
  • Amenities that offer bright prospects for this vast forest estate.
  • Estate on a single site located in a ‘white zone’ with potential for urban development as described below.
  • There are two good-sized lakes on the edge of the estate making it a hunting and fishing ground.
  • A network of roughly 12 km of tracks weaves across the entire estate providing access to almost all of the massif.


The vast estate is suitable for several kinds of buyer

  • A family looking to get back to the roots of nature and live on the edge of two superb lakes full of fish (gas engines are prohibited on the lakes), all just 40 minutes from the center of Ottawa.
  • Hunting and fishing enthusiasts  who want to pursue their activities in a green setting.
  • A developer who want to use their experience to benefit 490 hectares of building land.  More than 235 lots of large residential plots can be built according to the suggested land registry project plan.
  • A tourism professional or operator who knows how to develop and promote all the advantages that Canada and Quebec have to offer to tourists: an abundance of woodlands (forests), hunting, fishing, lakes and snow.


The development would include a project with the aim of well-structured management plan to ensure survival of species that represent the area and protect the ecosystems.

An exemplary project would combine the  creation of large-sized lots and legislation protecting private woodlands and wetlands while allowing buildings to blend into the natural environment.

The owner will have access to public services such as electricity, telephone, wells and septic system.

The layout, advantages and potential of the estate will provide the future owners with diversified investment with a promising future. 

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