Rural property in Loir-et-Cher

Mandate no. 784
Dwelling – barn
751.000 €


This 49-hectare rural property is ideal for two activities: hunting and forestry.

It is just two hours from Paris, and an hour and a quarter from Orléans and Le Mans.


The property is split into two parts.

The first part is a managed forest. There are oak trees all over the property with a vigorous hornbeam understory. The trees reach some significant heights thanks to the rich soil that makes the region’s reputation. Density varies from one sector to another. The diameter of the oak trees depends on their age. Generally speaking, these oaks are gradually reaching an improvement phase where felling will be required in the high forest and in the hornbeam coppice. The quality of the oak logs is also noteworthy for the majority of the trees.

Timber operations are facilitated by the road that runs along the property and a paved forest track. The property also has a large timber landing area. Finally, the lie of the land is relatively flat.

For hunters, the property has a good roe deer population. The current owner hunts privately across his property and leases hunting rights on some of the adjacent land.


The second part is a set of farm buildings, surrounded by the Beauce farmlands. Quite unusually, these buildings are surrounded by a water-filled moat and a hedge. This gives the property a unique character. It is also possible to fish in the moat: the fish population is already established.

The buildings include a barn used to store equipment, and a dwelling which could be converted to suit the new owner’s aspirations. It sits nestled in a very pleasant green setting.

The farm buildings are accessed via a road that cuts through the forest. It does not get much traffic as it only leads to this estate and the adjacent land.

To sum up, this property is a great spot for any outdoor activity. Income could be generated in the future while preserving the capital. The profits earned could be put back into the estate as you add your personal touch.

The forest understory could also be a source of firewood.


Sales price: 801,150.00 euros, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)


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