Production forest in the Gers

Mandate no. 695
Taillis de Charme exploitable
Réserve de Chêne
60.000 €


This 12-hectare production forest is found on a single site in the département of Gers, 45 minutes from Auch and an hour and a quarter from Tarbes and Toulouse.

This forest property comprises a hornbeam coppice in the understory and an oak reserve. The stand is currently very dense, especially in the hornbeam coppice stumps which could be logged, depending on diameter.

The forest’s current owner has marked the trees to be felled in the hornbeam coppice. However, the forest is to be sold before the felling operation. The buyer can therefore decide to acquire the forest in one of two ways:

  • Acquisition before felling work for the indicated sales price, then sale of the timber contract generating an income (after tax),
  • Acquisition after felling work for a lower price, since some of the timber will have been sold.

The trees to be left standing after felling are marked with orange paint.

The forest site is ideal for timber production as it sits on a north-facing slope where the soil is deep and rich.

Logging work is easy, thanks to the short hauling distance and possibility of storing wood in a field belonging to a neighboring farmer, on the basis of a written agreement for passage and storage.

Forest production thus has a promising future here and should provide a source of income in the future.


Sales price: €60,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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