Poplar forest in Gascony

Mandate no. 839
Poplar - Ash - Oak
540.000 €

A 45-hectare agricultural estate for sale comprising a farmhouse prime for renovation, a poplar forest of 40 hectares on a single site, and another five hectares within the neighboring municipality.
Now on the market, this agricultural estate with its poplar forest lies close to a village in the Bas Armagnac region of Gascony.

It comprises:

  • 16 hectares of poplar stands planted in 2016, Koster and Polargo varieties
  • 5 hectares of poplar stands planted in 2010, Koster variety
  • 4 hectares of poplar stands planted in 2011, Koster variety
  • 4 hectares of poplar stands planted in 2012, Koster variety
  • 1 hectare of large oak trees
  • 3 hectares of mixed large oak and ash
  • 2 hectares of ash planted in 1997
  • 5 ha of pastureland
  • 5 hectares of poplar stands planted in 2008, I.45-51 variety

The old farm buildings on this agricultural estate comprise a house, a barn and a shed, all requiring full renovation. The house has mains water, electricity and telecoms access.
Excellent farm land: silt, clay and alluvial soil, ideal for poplar.
There is a river that runs along the edge of the estate and the remains of a mill, millstream and irrigation network can be seen on the property.
The forestry work is done by a professional, the work is up-to-date and the results REMARKABLE.


Sales price: €540,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)


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