Forêt Investissement abroad

Are you looking to invest internationally?
Are you a land owner with a need for a forestry consulting service?

Forêt Investissement provides the following services on the international market:

  • An audit, observance and validation of the forestry regulations in each country
  • An audit of the ownership system and verification of the land register in each country
  • Answers to questions on national and international tax regulations
  • Asset management
  • Negotiation of the supply contracts proposed by local industrial concerns
  • Validation of the choice of species and forestry attributes of each country:
    a forestry species may be in high demand in one country but overlooked by the timber industry in another.
  • A link between the investor and economic stakeholders in the wood sector, thanks to our extensive international network
  • Assistance with securing the acquisition price
  • Risk management
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