Julien Schiffner


France, Nouvelle Aquitaine

Partner of Forêt Investissement

2011 to present Forestry Manager – Crédit agricole
2008 to 2011 Head of Agriculture and Forest Cooperative Sector Sud Atlantique
2002 to 2008 Sales Representative Agriculture and Forest Cooperative Sud Atlantique
1999-2002 Forestry Management/Advisor Agriculture and Forest Cooperative Sud Atlantique
2000 BTSA Forestry Management, Forest and Forest Resources Management
1999 BTSA Sales Engineer Wood & Logs/Wood and Wood Product Science

Specializing in forestry projects

In charge of developing the forestry and wood sector within the Aquitaine Regional Bank of the Crédit Agricole, Julien Schiffner also has the role of creating and setting up insurance, specific savings and financing solutions for forest estate owners.

He ensures the growth and promotion of a network of contacts/forests across the territory of the Aquitaine Regional Bank. He carries out valuations for the Aquitaine forestry and wood sector as a whole, while bringing a macro-economic and strategic vision.

Julien Schiffner is the national forest referent within the Crédit Agricole Federation of Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole SA.

Project management, commercial strategies and the mechanics of banking are no secret to him. Julien Schiffner has managed to combine his skills in forest management making him the perfect interlocutor for any forestry project in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

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