Lodge with exclusive rights in the Upper Laurentians region

Mandate no. Q-15
3.300.000 CA$


This lodge is situated in the Upper Laurentians region of the province of
For hunters and fishers looking for an unforgettable experience, it forms an exclusive estate of
238 km2, with 35 lakes and several rivers.

The entire estate is accessible, mainly via a vast network of paths, established by
rigorously controlled felling work by the forestry cooperative overseen by the
Quebec government. The profits of this felling work go to the State. The lodge owners take part in the drafting of the
Development Plan and benefit from the considerable advantage of the creation and maintenance of
forest tracks, at the expense of the cooperative.

The lodge lies 15 kilometers from a road maintained by the Ministry of Transport in all seasons,
so logging operations can go on all year round. The lodge is
also accessible by hydroplane or helicopter.

The lodge is connected to the Hydro-Québec grid and benefits from an independent generator which supplies power across the estate in the event of an outage.

The lodge has its own inn, open all year round, with condos and VIP suites, a restaurant and bar and a dining room
renowned for its fine cuisine. It welcomes hunting and fishing enthusiasts, as well as tourists looking for outdoor adventure
or a natural spot to get away from it all. The inn’s restaurant can serve 50 people at a time and
currently serves dishes concocted by a gourmet chef. It can be accessed directly from the
suites and condos.

The lodge also has a range of chalets with different levels of comfort, mainly situated along the main

The qualified staff on site are able to keep the business running without interruption.


When it comes to hunting, the lodge’s reputation owes much to the moose, of which there is a fine herd on the property. In addition, the property has never been subject to high bear hunting pressure, so there are some wonderful specimens on the estate.

There is a range of facilities (salt blocks, hunting paths, tree stands, etc.) all over the estate. Small game can also be hunted in the many diverse, wooded areas, including species such as the ruffed grouse and spruce grouse.


Fishing is also very popular on the estate. The magnificent Bazin river crosses the property for more than 16 kilometers and there are many lakes. There is thus a wide variety of fish: walleye, speckled trout, pike and lake trout.


The sale takes the form of a lease transfer of exclusive rights and is a rare opportunity to acquire exclusive hunting and fishing rights on this kind of property.

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