Hunting estate in Lozère

Mandate no. 708
Hunting enclosure
6.550.000 €

This forest estate with a total surface area of 987 hectares comprises a forest and coppice across roughly 804 hectares, heathland for 183 hectares and several buildings for use as guest houses and dwellings. 

The entire property is enclosed.


It is 40 min from Mende, one and a half hours from Clermont-Ferrand and two and a half hours from Lyon and Montpellier.


The buildings consist mainly of a lodge spanning roughly 350 m² including:

  • On the ground floor: a 200 m² basement with boiler room, power generator, laundry, wine cellar, machine room, cutting room, armory;
  • On the ground level: a dining hall, kitchen, private apartment (two bedrooms and two bathrooms), living room/office, a bedroom and a bathroom, covered terrace;
  • On the first floor, four bedrooms with bathroom, mezzanine.

And an 80 m² rural guest house with a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms with a bathroom, and two other bedrooms on a mezzanine floor.


The forest part is a former beech wood currently comprising Scots pine and beech as the main species. There are also spruce, birch and some silver fir  

The current objective is wood production by bringing the existing stands to natural regeneration while at the same time managing the uneven-aged stands.

Thus, the forest estate comprises eight kinds of stand:

  • Combination of Scots pine/beech across roughly 405 hectares;
  • Mature high forest of Scots pine: 137 hectares;
  • 54-hectare beech coppice;
  • Uneven-aged stand with a combination of Scots pine, beech and spruce: 38 hectares;
  • Mature high forest of spruce: 7 hectares;
  • Open stand after felling: 77 hectares;
  • Very open stand of Scots pine and beech: 86 hectares;
  • Heathland: 183 hectares.


The forest can be accessed to the north via public and private tracks. There are 32 km of private roads, half of which have been organized to enable access to the logs. 

The forestry objective is linked to the hunting activity, by preserving some areas of the forest as a game reserve. Taking these objectives into consideration, the property is fenced off in two parts and has four gates.

The section to the east is currently used for wild boar hunting, while the part to the west is dedicated to small game and deer.

The property also has two aviaries, a 1.5-km secured firing line, several hideouts and lookouts as well as a dedicated space for training hunting dogs.


Sales price agency fees included : €6,550,000.00 (Fees payable by the seller)


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