Hunting enclosure in Dordogne

Mandate no. 668
Hunting lodge
Miscellaneous deciduous trees - Maritime pine
763.000 €


In the heart of the Double forest, this forest estate comprises an 85-hectare hunting enclosure on a single site, and an adjacent wild boar breeding group covering 15 hectares. The property also has 7 hectares which are rented out.

This hunting enclosure meets the required standards so hunting is possible all year round. The enclosure is surrounded by a 2-meter high double fence, buried to a depth of 50 cm.

The forested area is rather hilly. The estate also includes one main pond, two other ponds and several spring-fed watering holes.

There is a 150m² hunting hall/cutting room, with all the necessary amenities: bar, reception room, restrooms and a storeroom.

The 15-hectare breeding ground is home to a hundred or so wild boar.


The forest stand comprises:

  • 40 hectares of maritime pine;
  • 4 hectares of Eucalyptus;
  • 54 hectares of deciduous trees: Oak, hornbeam, chestnut and birch.

The estate is ideal for hunting and training hounds. The stands are varied and the many watering holes and hilly terrain add to its appeal.


Sales price: €763,000.00, agency fees included (fees payable by the seller).

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