Forest plot in Gers

Mandate no. 792
18.000 €


This 1.8-hectare plot on a single site is ideal for wood pigeon hunting. It is an oak forest and is found in the département of Gers in southwest France.

It is 15 minutes from Aire-sur-l’Adour, and 45 minutes from Mont-de-Marsan and Pau.

It sits beside the roadside so access is very easy. It is a flat area, surrounded by farmland.

There has been some recent felling work, creating a clearing in the middle of the forest and making it ‘airier’. There is still a large number of trees, mainly good quality oaks.

The forest lies on the wood pigeon’s migratory path. It is also the only forested area in the middle of the farmland. The establishment of a wood pigeon shooting hide would therefore be a wise and profitable investment.

In short, this forest could be the ideal place for a hunting getaway not too far from the region’s big towns.


Sales price: €22,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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