Forest for sale in Gers

Mandate no. 790
Charme et Châtaigner
29.000 €


This forest covers 6.9 hectares and is split over three sites. All three sites are in the département of Gers in southern France.

They are around 40 minutes from Auch and one hour from Tarbes.

A large area of the plots has not been exploited. As a result, there is significant standing capital. The main species is oak, which is found alongside hornbeam and chestnut.

The qualities of the soil and climate at these sites are ideal for timber production, and the oak here is of high quality.

The plots sit on flat terrain and are mostly near roads or forest tracks, enabling access. This is a crucial factor when considering future operations in these woods, which could easily generate revenue in the near future.


Sales price: €34,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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