Forest estate with buildings near Mandeville

Mandate no. Q-14
Fully-fitted chalet
819.500 CA$


This 208-hectare forest estate sits on a single site, in a fine, fairly flat spot with several biotopes.

There is a residential area with a small, fully-equipped chalet (water, electricity, bathroom, WC) that requires minor renovation work to add a personal touch. The estate is in a white zone, so can be built on.

Access to the property is easy with a good network of well-maintained tracks crossing the estate. 

The estate also has a number of streams where you can spot beaver dams, and a wetland area of around 10 hectares with marshes, making it an ideal spot for moose hunting.

Game species include white-tailed deer and there are even signs of bears on the beech trees. 

Small game species include hazel grouse and hares.

The chalet is connected to a Hydro-Québec power line and the mobile phone network is available.

The forested part of the estate is an uneven-aged stand with a wide variety of species such as maple, birch, American red oak, beech, cedar, aspen, yellow birch, firs and spruce.

The current owner has carried out extensive silvicultural work, most notably to identify future stands. 

The estate therefore has strong forestry potential.

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