Forest estate in the Outaouais area, western Quebec: Natural Maple Forest

Mandate no. Q-19
May be built on.
252.000 CA$


With a surface area of 21 hectares, located alongside a road and a stone’s throw from a lake, the estate is a natural Maple Forest. 

As such, there are several possibilities when buying this existing forest:

  • As it is in a ‘white zone’, it is possible to build a Canadian-style chalet.
  • The future owner will be able to enjoy the best that Canada has to offer including many summer and winter activities.


There are other reasons why the purchase of this natural Maple Forest is interesting

Canada is the world’s first maple syrup producer with 78% of the world’s harvest. Moreover, Quebec is the province that produces the most, with 74% of world production, or, in other words, 95% of Canadian production.

Needless to say, Canadians have considerable experience and outstanding expertise in this field.

With some organization and investment, it would be possible to set up a sugar shack and look to producing maple syrup in this forest. Assistance from an expert in this field is recommended.

The North American interest in maple syrup and the solid demand are reason enough to consider this natural Maple Forest.

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