Forest estate in the Hautes Pyrénées

Mandate no. 793
Miscellaneous deciduous trees
16.000 €


This forest, with a total surface area of 4.5 hectares is split over several sites, all within the département of Hautes Pyrénées.

The plots are around 30 minutes from Tarbes.

The various plots are composed of a young coppice, which can be improved over the coming years with felling work, and a mature high forest which has been recently improved through felling across most of its surface. The trees in the high forest are of good quality, so the stand is interesting in silvicultural terms.

The site’s soil and climate are ideal for good quality lumber production.

Generally speaking, these plots have all the basic criteria required for profitable forestry management in the future.


Sales price: €23,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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