Forest estate in Indre-et-Loire

Mandate no. 674
Maritime pine
190.500 €


This forest estate is located:

  • 15 minutes from La Roche Posay
  • 25 minutes from Chatellerault
  • 1 hour from Poitiers and Chateauroux

It has a total surface area of 34 hectares on a single site.

It is a forest estate with two main vocations. On the one hand, timber production thanks to its favorable climate and soil and, on the other hand, hunting.

Two-thirds of the estate are covered in fine maritime pines. The density per hectare varies from one spot to another. It would be worthwhile enabling natural regeneration. This would help renew the stand and encourage dense forest cover to entice game. First of all, it would be necessary to fell the deciduous understory. This would help fund the ensuing work to renew the stand.

The remaining third is mainly oak and could be improved, or even gradually converted to maritime pine.


As for hunting, the property has a very diverse biotope harboring game animals. The forest cover is dense and there is a small agricultural plot where crops for the game animals can be grown.

The property also includes a considerable number of forest tracks, tree stands and a hideout reaching 12 meters high, ideal for hunting wood pigeons.


The site has everything you need for hunting but also serves as a production forest for an occasional source of income.


Sales price: €198,000.00, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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