Forest estate in Aude

Mandate no. 690
Beech coppice - oak - diverse deciduous trees
176.000 €

This 70-hectare forest estate is in the south of France in the département of Aude around 50 minutes from Carcassonne, an hour and 20 minutes from the Mediterranean and 1 hour 45 minutes from Perpignan.

The forest is the site of two activities: firewood harvesting and hunting.

It comprises a coppice of beech, oak and other deciduous trees. The coppice is relatively young with a dense stand which will need some thinning work. The wood felled could be sold for firewood.

The lie of the forest land varies according to sector. There are some steep slopes in places but this is offset by logging roads that make operations easier. The property is mainly north-facing so the undergrowth remains cool.

A large section of the property is bordered by a tarmac road. A satellite plot is found 400 meters from the main plot and is accessed by a forest track.

With its dense, natural biotope, this forest provides a wonderful spot for big game hunting. It will also appeal to nature lovers who will enjoy the stunning landscapes as they gather mushrooms.


Sales price: 176,000.00 euros, agency fees included. (Fees payable by the seller)

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