Divisible forest estate in the Papineau regional municipality; Forest Chemin Gagnon - Western Quebec

Mandate no. Q-20
May be built on.
Deciduous species
843.000 CA$


The property is located  two and a half hours from Montreal airport, Canada’s second town, and south-east of the Papineau-Labelle wildlife reserve.



The forest estate can be divided into two sites: 

  • A 42-hectare site to the east
  • A 136-hectare site to the west

This subdivision is possible thanks to a road that separates the lots. 

A river runs along the eastern part and would provide a lovely view for a residential property. The 179-hectare property is situated in a ‘white zone’.


The western part, on the other hand, has two lakes and several watering places such as ponds. 

The lakeside would be the ideal place to build a house and enjoy the Indian summers, the birds flying over the lake, and so on.

Just two minutes from the village, many summer and winter activities are possible across the entire property, as is often the case in Canada.


The future owners will be able to enjoy it as a hunting and fishing ground or for sports activities: 

  • Winter activities including snowmobile (known as skidoo in Quebec)
  • Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing outings.
  • Ice fishing: This is a Canadian tradition

In both summer and winter the lake has plenty of fish: black-bass (Achigan),  yellow walleye (Doré) as well as pike and trout.

Hunters will also be able to enjoy their favorite pastime hunting white-tailed deer, moose and Canadian bear.

Thanks to the different watering places, waterfowl such as ducks and geese are also present.

Not forgetting small game such as hazel grouse, American woodcock and hares. 


It is worth noting that the forest estate contains wonderful biodiversity and a favorable ecosystem. As often in Quebec, a variety of species are well represented:  balsam fir, spruce, red pine as well as white oak, maple and yellow birch can all be found in this forest estate. 


The Quebec forestry industry has gained momentum thanks to high demand from the United States, the wood will find takers in the vicinity, in the sawmills and lumber mills of the area.

Easily operable property.

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